Sustainable Spirits

One unexpected (and unfortunate) side effect of restaurants and bars shutting down was that millions of kegs of beer went down the drain. Distributors and breweries across the country were left with a surplus of beer that went stale. The owners of Thorn Brewing Co. had been looking into upcycling expired beer at their small-batch distillery in Barrio Logan, and when the pandemic hit they went into overdrive launching ReBru Distillery, where old beer is turned into vodka and gin. Founder Dennis O'Connor estimated that in six months, they've upcycled 130,000 gallons of beer that would have gone to a wastewater treatment plant - a bonus for the environment, too!


You can try the spirits at the newly opened Sideyard BBQ by Hott Mess, an outdoor eatery next door to Thorn Brewing cooking up Texas-style barbecue. - Marie Tutko

1735 National Avenue