Our Story

ReBru Spirits was born out of the idea of doing more by wasting less. Wine, beer, and spirits all have their origin in locally sourced raw materials. That is where most styles originated from; what was present and in abundance in the region. Globalization has allowed us to source grains, hops, yeast, and other raw materials from around the world.  This is great for consumer options, but terrible in the quest towards anything remotely close to ‘sustainability’.

Sustainability is an often-overused marketing term, and we do not take it lightly. Is a company that sources its ingredients or packaging from China, then exports the finished product around the nation sustainable because they use recycled materials? We think not. Truly achieving sustainability is an increasingly difficult task, but it is our mission to do everything in our power to do so. At ReBru Spirits we are creative and resourceful. We plan on pursuing a better way to do less harm to our environment, and hope to be an example of thinking outside the box to do more with less wherever we can.

Located in Barrio Logan in a Willy Wonka-esque warehouse that is home to a craft brewery, wood-fired pizza restaurant, speakeasy, craft distillery, and large indoor & outdoor events area. We are trying to close the loop anyway we can within our small ecosystem.

San Diego is home to approximately 150 craft breweries. We have an abundance of craft beer! So, in the spirit of spirits and tapping into the local fauna, ReBru’s core lineup consists of spirits crafted, or should we say ‘re-crafted’, from the best beer in the nation. That is right, San Diego Craft beer is the starting point of our vodka, gin, and whiskey. Beer has a shorter shelf life than wine and spirits have, so we take over-stocked beer that is destined for the drain and repurpose it. This keeps it from damaging the wastewater system and environment. We use the charcoal and charred oak from the smoker at the restaurant to filter, refine, and flavor our spirits. We even use the spent grains from our brewery, Thorn Brewing, to make the pizzas at our restaurant Hott Mess. All of these methods may deviate a bit from the norm but we guarantee the quality and flavor to be second to none. We aren’t the first to make craft spirits out of craft beer, but we are the best.

With our team’s experience in craft beer, fine dining, BBQ, events, and guestaurants we plan on changing the look and feel of what a craft distillery can be. Our goal is to do things with a bit more purpose and involve the consumer more in the process including one-off releases, subscriptions, pairings, supper clubs, mini-festivals, and more. We don’t take our selves too seriously, but we take the process and product incredibility serious and we think that is the role of a good business.