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ReBru’s core lineup consists of spirits crafted, or should we say ‘re-crafted, from the best beer in the nation. Beer has a shorter shelf life than spirits, so we take unsold beer that is destined for the drain and repurpose it. Our methods deviate from the norm due to this thoughtful approach to our impact on the environment. We guarantee the quality and flavor to be second to none.

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ReBru Vodka

Crisp, clean classic-style with melon on the nose and an unexpected rich sweetness with a beautiful buttery mouthfeel (oil essence from local craft IPA hops) that is ultra sippable.



Located in Barrio Logan in a Willy Wonka-esque warehouse that is home to a craft brewery, wood-fired pizza restaurant, speakeasy, craft distillery, and large indoor & outdoor events area. We are trying to close the loop in any way we can within our small ecosystem.

Our menu


With our team’s experience in craft beer, fine dining, BBQ, events, and restaurants we plan on changing the look and feel of what a craft distillery can be. Our goal is to do things with a bit more purpose and involve the consumer more in the process including one-off releases, subscriptions, pairings, supper clubs, mini-festivals, and more.


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OUR Process

Did you know that the planet’s atmosphere is the biggest distiller… well… on the planet?
Through the process of evaporation, ocean water is naturally distilled into rainwater, and we are working with a man-made version of that exact process. Just imagine an ocean filled with delicious craft beer, and the rainfall is high-quality craft spirits like whiskey, gin, and vodka. It’s raining booze - hallelujah!

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1735 National Ave
San Diego, CA


Sun, Thur, Fri, Sat
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM